JCSD 509J to make ADA upgrades at two elementary schools

Jefferson County School District 509J will improve accessibility at Madras and Metolius Elementary Schools. The projects are made possible by the overwhelming support of our community through the 2021 Bond. These projects signify a commitment to ensuring we are improving the health, safety, and security of our schools and updating and repairing our aging facilities.

Madras Elementary families will see a new front main entrance that will feature a brand-new ramp, providing a more inclusive pathway for all visitors. This improvement ensures that individuals of all abilities can access the school easily.

Additionally, a new lift will be installed that will connect the cafeteria to the main hallway. This lift will enhance accessibility within the school, allowing everyone to move effortlessly between these areas. Recognizing the importance of restroom accessibility, our district will add an ADA-accessible stall to one boys' bathroom and one girls' bathroom.

Our district will also be improving accessibility at Metolius Elementary, with a primary focus on the front entrance. A new ADA ramp will be constructed, ensuring the entrance is accessible to all.

Two existing bathrooms will be converted into ADA single-use bathrooms. This will offer enhanced privacy and accessibility for people with a disability. The goal is to make these bathrooms more accessible for anyone who may experience mobility challenges.

We want to thank our community for their support and passing our 2021 Bond. Your commitment to improving and updating our schools is a testament to our shared dedication to providing an outstanding environment where our students flourish.

These projects are scheduled to begin in the summer of 2024.


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