What Voters Approved

It has been nine years since the passage of the last bond measure in the Jefferson County School District. The 2012 bond funded the construction of the Performing Arts Center, upgrades to the track and stadium at Madras High School and the construction of the Warm Springs K-8 Academy, among many other projects. Since that time, health, safety, and security concerns have changed, and basic systems like electrical, heating, cooling, and roofs in many district schools are aging and do not function as designed. In addition, the need for diverse learning opportunities such as vocational education as well as early learning to support our community's youngest learners has grown.  Learn More >

Health, Safety, and Security Projects

If the proposed measure passes, Jefferson County School District would repair or replace locks, fire panels, alarms, and security systems. Several schools have aging HVAC and air filtration systems. 

The proposed bond measure would include proposed health, safety, and security projects for all Jefferson County School District schools. If passed, the proposed measure would fund the removal of asbestos and air quality projects in all schools with new heating and ventilation systems.


Repair & Update Aging School Buildings

The average age of a school in the Jefferson County School District is 54 years. Some schools are over 80 years old that have aging electrical, heating, lighting and cooling systems. 

If passed, the proposed bond measure would fund new or repaired HVAC systems and electrical systems. The proposed bond measure would fund roofing replacements or repairs at Madras High School, JCMS, Madras Elementary, Buff Elementary and Metolius Elementary. The proposed bond measure would include a driveway remodel project at Metolius Elementary to direct traffic flow during drop off and pickup times. 


Expand Vocational Opportunities and Early Learning

Jefferson County School District is growing vocational education and early learning programs for students. 

If passed, the proposed bond measure would expand existing space at Madras High School by enclosing exposed outdoor learning spaces for Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs. 

The proposed bond measure, if passed, would fund the addition of classrooms at Warm Springs K-8 Academy and the Westside Building, where Bridges High School is currently located.