Jefferson County School District 509J Celebrates Grand Opening of Madras High’s Soccer Complex with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


Jefferson County School District 509J recently celebrated the grand opening of Madras High's soccer complex. This monumental project, made possible by the support of voters in the 2021 November Bond, stands as a testament to the collective dedication towards ensuring students flourish both academically and athletically.

Four speakers delivered inspiring speeches each offering their unique perspective on the impact of this soccer complex on our students and the soccer community in Jefferson County. Superintendent Jay Mathisen, board member Laurie Danzuka, and two high school alumni, Erika Olivera and Imer Gutierrez, spoke from the heart about how playing soccer at Madras High shaped their character. They emphasized the life skills acquired like perseverance and how that has helped shape their life post high school.

Following the speeches, team captains on the boys and girls soccer teams had the honor of cutting the ribbon to signify the grand opening of this new complex.

The soccer complex is a testament to the unwavering belief we hold in the potential of our students.

The vision for the new complex was a culmination of careful planning and strategic investment. This facility boasts a 2,000-square-foot concession building that includes locker rooms, a coaches' office, and family restrooms. The new lights that will illuminate the field for night games signifies more than just extended playing hours. It represents an opportunity for families to come together under the lights, cheering on our team as they compete.

A newly constructed pathway now links the entrance to the bleachers making the field more accessible to all. The introduction of fresh sod provides an improved playing surface for our student-athletes to showcase their skills and speed.

A new entry gate welcomes players, fans, and visitors into the new complex.

None of this would have been possible without the resounding support of our community. The 2021 November Bond was a resounding affirmation of our shared commitment to ensuring our students flourish here.  JCSD 509J thanks the voters who made this project a reality.