2021 Bond Supports 6 Classroom Addition at Warm Springs K-8 Academy

2021 Bond Supports 6 Classroom Addition at Warm Springs K-8 Academy

The passage of the 2021 Jefferson County School Bond will allow the district to fund the expansion of the Warm Springs K-8 Academy by 6 classrooms in 2023. Over the last 6 months, a design team of school leadership, Warm Springs Tribal education and facilities leaders, district staff, and architectural teams have been hard at work planning for the new expansion that is set to begin this Spring.

The K-8 Academy was funded in part by the 2012 Bond and upon completion, the district soon experienced growth in student enrollment in Warm Springs. Immediately, all classrooms in the building were utilized and even some spaces originally designated as community rooms were transitioned into classrooms. The plans for the 6 new classrooms will allow the school to shift students into classroom spaces and transition repurposed spaces for their original intended use. 

"We are looking forward to the opportunities these six classrooms will provide our staff and students," Principal Lonnie Henderson said. "Our Native Language Teachers will now have more of a presence in our main building due to this addition. This will improve our efforts to integrate language and culture across the school."  

Through the result of several schematic design meetings, the new addition plans to include 6 new classrooms with support spaces such as a mechanical mezzanine, storage closet, and more. Located on Warm Springs property along Chukar Road, the design will include water-conscious landscaping as well as improvements to safety and accessibility of parking lots & pick-up drop-off operations.

"The district is committed to meet the needs of the Warm Springs community and this expansion will match the growth at the school by providing more safe space for the teachers and students," shared Laurie Danzuka, Jefferson County School District Board Member.  

The district would like to thank the following members of the Warm Springs design team for their time and commitment to ensuring the building meets educational needs in a way that supports community priorities:

  • Simon White, Director of Operations / Safety
  • Valerie Switzer, General Manager, Warm Springs Education Administration
  • Laurie Danzuka, School Board Member
  • Chico Holliday, Warm Springs Public Utilities & Water Manager
  • Lonnie Henderson, Principal
  • Mike Tiller, Owner's Representative

The work will begin in the Spring of 2023 with estimated completion by the end of 2023. The district is thankful for the community's support of the 2021 Bond. Thanks to this measure, several much needed improvements are being made to make 509J schools safer and updated for generations of students to come.

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